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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It occupies an area about the size of the United States east of the Mississippi River. Saudi Arabia’s population is 27 million, including 8.4 million foreign residents (2010 census), and its capital city is Riyadh. Saudi Arabia’s geography is diverse, with forests, grasslands, mountain ranges and deserts. The climate varies from region to region. Temperatures can reach over 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the desert in the summer, while in the winter temperatures in the north and central parts of the country can drop below freezing. Saudi Arabia gets very little rain, only about four inches a year on average. This area of the website offers facts and physical information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here you can read about early Saudi Arabian history, which as part of the Middle East was the birthplace of civilization, and how the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came into being in 1932.

Included / Excluded

To help you plan your trip, we have put together a list of what's included and what's not included in your tour package. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you make any necessary arrangements before your journey begins.


Arrival inRiyadh Meet & Greet upon arrival–Time to be advised
Upon arrival continue with an orientation tour of Riyadh to explore and
enjoy the skyscrapers
18:00 –Visit the Sky Bridge at the Kingdom tower to witness the sunset
Dinner at a local restaurant included

10:00City tour of Riyadh, Start with National Museum, From the Earth to the moon, and from the prehistoric ages to the modern ages, the hallways of the Saudi National Museum will take you on an adventure that transcends time and space.
Visit toMasmakFortress, also known asMasmakPalace. A vast clay and mud-brickcitadel that witnessed the birth of a kingdom.
The Murabba Palace, was established by order of the late King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The king moved in with his family in 1939, making it their official home, the headquarters of management of state affairs, and a Diwan or a meeting center with the leaders of the world
Lunch at a local restaurant

15:30 -Ad Diriyah, birthplace of the first Saudi state,historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders, and home to one of the kingdom’smost ambitious heritage developments.Diriyahwas the original home of the Saudi royal family and served as the capital of the Emirate of Diriyahunder the first Saudi dynasty from 1727 to 1818.
18: 00 Return to Hotel
Dinner at the hotel

Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 -Morning visit to the Dates Souk, Fish & Vegetable Market
12:00 Visit a Local Family to explore their living style and enjoy a home cooked Traditional Lunch with the local family
Visit IammTurki bin Abdullah Mosque from outside and Continue visit Souq-al-Zal is found in the Diriyahneighborhood and is the oldest and biggest antique marketplace in Riyadh
Final stop is the DeeraSquare, It is also known as Justice Square. It is a former site of public executions, where those sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia were publicly beheaded
Dinner at the hotel

Breakfast at the hotel
08:30 Check outand transfer to Riyadh Airport for the flight to Tabuk at 11:05
Arrival in Tabuk at 13:15, met by the Guide on arrival and continue with City tour of Tabuk
Lunch in a local restaurant.
The city of Tabukhas been home to various travelers, pilgrims, traders, andmerchants throughout history. It has played an important role as a hub of commerce.Due to its location, it has also served as an important crossroad for pilgrims. Sightseeing of the Castle, Souk, Hijaz railway museum and the Mosque
(Based on opening during the weekend)
18:00 Arrive at the hotel for check in
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at Swiss Inn Tabuk(4*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel
Full Day tour of HismahValley
The Hismadesert in Tabuk,offers a wide variety of scenery and enjoys a rich traditional heritage. Its mountains extend to theWadi Rumin Jordan. Its most famous mountains are Bajdah, Al-Zeitah, Alqanand Al-Lowz
The eye-catching Hismadesert, which was once inhabited by the Nabataeans, constituted a route for caravans of pilgrims and merchants. Exotic, natural rock formations in this charming desert will leave you mesmerized. The landscape of this marvelous desert is rich with giant trees. A visitor to this region will enjoy watching the vessel shaped Shaddadmountain which is located nearly 70 km from Tabuk, with its Thamudic, Nabataean, Sheba and Arabic inscriptions
Enjoy a BBQ lunch prepared by the Guides while mesmerizing the beauty of Hismah
18:00 Return to the hotel
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at Swiss Inn Tabuk(4*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Breakfast at the Hotel
(Distance 250km)
09:00 Check outand transfer to Wadi Disah,Wadi Al Disah is a Beautifulmountainous valley in Saudi Arabia’s northwestern Tabuk province.AlDisahtranslates to “the valley of palm trees”, and when you arrive here, you’ll seeexactly why.
The valleys are surrounded by high mountains and characterized by looming high mountains and rocks.It truly is a beautiful part of the country.And seriously a unique landscape within what is otherwise known to the outside world as aMiddle Eastern desert country
Picnic Lunch or Lunch in a Local Restaurant enroute
18:00 –Arrive in AlUlaand check in at the hotel
Dinner at the hotel

Overnight at SaharyResort AlUla(3*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Breakfast at the hotel
08:30 Transfer to winter park visitor center
09:45-12:15 Dadan& Jabal IkmahTour
Start your journey through time at Dadan, the ancient Kingdom of the Lihyaniteand Dadanitecivilizations. Next, take a 10-minute drive to Jabal Ikmahsituated in a stunning desert canyon
Let us take you on a journey through time to discover the ancient and powerful civilisationsof the Dadaniteand Lihyanitekingdoms, that have built and shaped AlUla.After exploring the ruins, a bus service takes you on a 10-minute drive to Jabal Ikmah, an open library ofinscriptions, rock art and petroglyphs set in a stunning desert canyon. Below, you’ll find tour details, planning tipsand what to expect when visiting these extraordinary heritage sites
13:00 -Transfer to AlUlaOld Town for Lunch
15:30 –16:30 Join AlUlaOld Town Tour
In the 12th century, AlUlaOld Town became an essential settlement along the pilgrimage route from Damascus to Makkah. The city gradually replaced Qurh, to the south of AlUla, and is favorably mentioned by travelers from the 12th to the 20th centuries, when modern AlUlawas constructed nearby.

The houses were designed to be attached to one another, providing fortification, which hints to defense being a priority for the city’s early inhabitants. At one point, the city was accessed by 14 gates, which were opened in the morning to welcome travelers, pilgrims and other visitors, and closed each evening
18:30 –Return to the hotel
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at SaharyResort AlUla(3*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel
07:30 Transfer to winter park visitor entre
08:30 –11:30 –HegraTour
Visit Hegra-Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest preserved site of the Nabataean civilization south of Petra. Featuring countless well-preserved tombs from the first century BC to the first century AD, Hegrais waiting to be explored
With its 111 monumental tombs, Hegrais an exceptional example of the Nabateans’ outstanding architectural expertise and is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sites within AlUla. Board a luxury coach bus and be transported to Hegrawhere our local Rawisawait you.

Known as ancient Arabic storytellers and reciters -the rawiswill guide you through various ancient tombs and provide in-depth knowledge of Hegra’sfascinating history. From the iconic monolithic tomb of LihyanSon of Kuzato ancient banquet halls, immerse yourself into the architecture of this great Nabataean civilization.
12:00 Transfer to the Oasisfor a snack or a light lunch at the DaimumahCafé
13:00 –16:00 Enjoy the Oasis Trail Tour
The picture-perfect, lush AlUlaOasis captures the beauty and the heritage of AlUla. Take a stroll under towering date palms and smell the cool freshness of the earth on the Heritage Oasis Trail. Meander through remnants of mudbrick houses, local farms and ancient city walls. Sit with locals, sip on Arabic coffee or fresh orange juice and take your time to enjoy the slow pace of what makes the AlUlaOasis so special.
16:30 Transfer to Elephant Rock
Set among dramatic desert landscape and soaring 52 metresinto the sky, Elephant Rock is AlUla’smost iconic geological marvel. The instantly recognisableform, with its distinctive trunk and body, was shaped wind and water erosion over the course of millions of years.This monolithic sandstone formation is a wonder to gaze upon at any time of the day, but dusk is particularly magical.

As the sun sets, coloursdance in the sky and this epic elephant turns a magnificent shade of red. When night falls, the skies come alive with the twinkling of thousands of stars.Enjoy the spectacle from sunken seating dotted around the site or gather around a roaring fire pit to warm up on cooler desert nights.
18:30 –Return to the hotel
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at SaharyResort AlUla(3*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 Check out from the Hotel Transfer toMedina by road
(Distance 330km)
12:00 Arrival in Medina,
Met by the Guide on arrival and Continue with Medina Sightseeing
Madinah Munawwarahor Medina al-Munawwaris the second most holy city for Muslims because there is Masjid-e-Nabawi where Muhammad’s tomb is located
local cultural experience of Madinah, not only its historical significance. Being originally from this enlightened city, we are extremely passionate about showcasing it to the world

Lunch at a local Restaurant
17:00 Check in at the Hotel
Evening at leisure
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at Le Meridien Madinah (4*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel
09:30 –Check out from the hotel and transfer to Madinah Railway Station to take the Highspeed HaramainTrain to Jeddah at 10:30
12:11–Arrival in Jeddah
Meet & Greet upon arrival
Transfer to Hotel
Lunch at the Hotel
Rest of the day at leisure
19:00 Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at Ramada by Wyndham Continental Jeddah (4*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

10:00 Jeddah City Tour
Visit Islamic Museum, Islamic art is renowned around the world for its unique, beautiful and exquisite floral, arabesque, geometric and calligraphic patterns. It encompasses a wide range of artistic forms, including architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass, ceramics and textiles.
Its origins can be traced back centuries, and it can be found adorning buildings, mausoleums, museums and palaces built by empires through the ages in the East and West
Continue to Al ShafiMosque
Beautifully restored and maintained, this historic mosque, one of the finest in Jeddah, isnamed after one of the four great imams of classical Sunni Islam. Most of the building dates from the 16th century and is Ottoman in style, including the impressive minaret
Head to the famousCentral Fish Marketfor bustle, bargains &Jeddah’sbest fish. It is Middle East’s second-largest & second busiest trading seaport
Lunch at a local Restaurant

Visit to NassefHouse
NasseefHouse or Nassif House is a historical structure in Al-Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As of 2009, it is a museum and cultural center which has special exhibits and lectures given by historians
Al BaladOld Town
Founded in the early 7th century, Al Baladserved as Jeddah’s commercial center before the 1970s oil boom. It served as an ancient trading port and was the primary gateway to the Holy City of Makkah for pilgrims making their blessed journey for Hajj and Ummrah. Today, the town is famous for its ancient architecture and traditional buildings that were constructed using coral stone and decorated with beautiful wooden lattice windows
Drive to the Corniche to see the Art Promenade, continue to floating Mosque (before sunset), enjoy King Fahad Fountain
18:00 Return to the hotel
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight at Ramada by Wyndham Continental Jeddah (4*)
Today’s meal inclusion –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner




Vehicle Type

  • Mini Van H1 or similar from up to 6pax
  • Coaster Coach –from 07Pax onwards
  • SUV ( GMC or Similar) maximum 4pax per vehicle with Luggage


  • 10% of the Total Invoice at the time of booking to book and secure services
  • 90% of the Total Invoice (Balance Amount) 30days prior to arrival

Cancellation Policy

  • 30 days prior to the arrival : No charges will apply
  • 29-21 days prior to arrival :50% of the total invoice will apply
  • Less than 20 days prior to arrival : Full cancellation fees will apply

Important Note

Note: Price includes 15% VAT. The quoted package price, including the room type, Flights and activities are indicative and subject to change based on availability at the time of your firm booking


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